All time high!

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Published 25 Jan 2023

All time high!

Netset is looking back on 2022 as a fantastic year

Netset can look back on 2022 as a fantastic year. We achieved an all-time high in all aspects, and we see a steady growth in all market segments. The difficult times drive changes in the direction of efficiency and digital transformation, which continues to make the Netset offering to the market strong and future proof. We are happy to welcome new customers as well as new employees onboard. 2022 was the best Netset year ever, and we are now aiming to beat yesterday during 2023.

In 2023 our main target is to expand our market internationally and enter the US market, where the first “proof of concept” customers have been up and running for the past year, proving and shaping the concept for the future.

The roadmap for 2023 includes some exciting product development, including some AI implementation, helping to further improve Nettailers position as the market leading B2B e-commerce solution for IT resellers and suppliers.


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