Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) caters to B2B and B2G seamlessly thanks to Netset

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Case study: Abero Technologies

Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) caters to B2B and B2G seamlessly thanks to Netset


Finnish enterprise Multitronic is one of the Nordics largest resellers of IT- & telecom. Founded in 1993, the company was solely targeting consumers and they were providing a rich customer base with high-end products. When the B2B and B2G sector started developing a larger demand for IT, Multitronic created a subsidiary company that would exclusively cater to the specific needs of B2B and B2G. And just like that, Multitronic Pro was born. Multitronic Pro has since switched names to Abero Technologies Oy.

However, businesses and governments have a more complex supply chain and an increasing number of regulations to take into account. To be able to deliver a high-quality service, with proper compliance and necessary scalability, Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) needed a powerful solution to meet their newly developed eCommerce needs. 

We’ve spoken to Ben Bergman, Chief Operating Officer at Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies), about their journey with different web shop solutions and how they eventually found the best choice with Netset’s Nettailer.

Switching to Netset’s Nettailer from a competitor

A web shop solution for the B2B and B2G sectors requires a high level of IT-security, the possibility to segment customers into subgroups, rights and several other critical components. Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) started out with a supplier that unfortunately, wasn’t a perfect match. 

”When we started Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) we worked with a competitor to Netset for about 2 years. We weren’t really satisfied and felt that there were many hot-fixes and quick solutions that we could never be sure would work or not,” says Ben.  

It was important for Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) to be able to offer their end-customers the very best service. They began searching for a different solution for their web shop and came across Netset.  

”We came in contact with Netset and began looking at their solution Nettailer to see if it could meet our needs. It turned out Netset ticked a lot of the boxes our customers require. We work with several large companies and some Fortune 500 businesses, so we prioritize safety and efficiency. It made a lot of sense for us to change to Nettailer.” 

After making the switch from their previous web shop solution to Nettailer, Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) have seen vast improvements in their processes. 

”We haven’t had any similar problems with Netset at all. When they say something is fixed, it really is, which is great. It creates a stronger sense of security and all in all a better service for our end-users,” says Ben. 

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Nettailer provides smooth ERP integration & valuables features

Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) offers a wide variety of hardware, so they keep a close relationship with several distributors. Since they already had a standing reputation and strong network in the industry, they had several existing distributors that they easily set up a straight feed to through Nettailer.  

In addition, Nettailer allows Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) to easily integrate their ERP-system. They’ve chosen to integrate one way, meaning their ERP gets information from Nettailer. Something Ben says work really well;  

”I don't think we've ever lost a package, everything has gone seamlessly through the systems. If we were to lose a package, it would be very expensive. So it's great that it works.”


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Besides utilizing the integration possibilities to distributors and their ERP-system, Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) takes full advantage of the many features Nettailer provides: 

  • Order overview
  • Product database
  • Shopping & delivery
  • Marketing tools
  • Customer-specific categories
  • Pricing tool
  • Customers & segmentation
  • Payment options
  • Quotes
  • Email
  • Imports & Exports
  • Statistics

Straight-forward communication is the key to efficiency

The partnership itself is very beneficial for Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) and they value the support and communication they have with their team at Netset. 

”We really appreciate that our communication has always been straight-forward. If we weren’t satisfied with something, we would let Netset know and feel confident that they would fix it. No one ever tries to sugar-coat anything, it’s always straight shooting which makes the work process very efficient,” says Ben. 

Overall, Multitronic Pro (now Abero Technologies) would not only recommend Netset but in fact, they already have. 

”We have already recommended Netset, and we would do it again! We collaborate with many other service providers and resellers in IT and we’ve gotten some of our partners to start using Nettailer. They’ve asked us for advice, and we often land in Nettailer,” says Ben. 


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