B2B IT-Partner excels at customer-integrations with Netset’s Nettailer

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Case study: B2B IT-Partner

B2B IT-Partner excels at customer-integrations with Netset’s Nettailer


B2B IT-Partner is one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of everything concerning IT. They provide the B2B sector with hardware, software and high-end services with the goal of helping them fully utilize IT within their organization. 

After a long-standing partnership with Netset, B2B IT-Partner upgraded their eCommerce solution to the latest version, Nettailer. The upgrade made it possible for B2B IT-Partner to customize their offering to specific customer segments and provide services that meet the precise needs of their customers. Something that’s always been imperative for B2B IT-Partner. 

In this article, we’ve interviewed Daniel Lagerström, Sales and Marketing Manager at B2B IT-Partner. He tells us all about their partnership with Netset’s development team and how they make the best use of Nettailer. 

Daniel Lagerström, Sales & Marketing Manager, B2B IT-Partner
Daniel Lagerström, Sales & Marketing Manager, B2B IT-Partner

Daniel Lagerström, Sales & Marketing Manager, B2B IT-Partner

An upgrade that paved the way for extensive improvements

B2B IT-Partner has been with Netset for a very long time. They’ve used the eCommerce solution for several years, but it was only quite recently that they upgraded to the newest version, Nettailer. During the two years they’ve worked with the latest version, B2B IT-Partner has created a string of seamless development projects with Netset. 

”Since we upgraded to the new solution Nettailer, we’ve made a large number of improvements together with Netset. They help us develop new features and functions that we, or our customers, wish to see,” says Daniel. 

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Besides the improvements based on their own initiatives, B2B IT-Partner was pleasantly surprised with the large number of existing features in the new upgrade. B2B IT-Partner’s favorite new features in Nettailer are: 

  • The Quotation Tool. B2B IT-Partner frequently uses the feature for making quick and accurate quotations. And as a company with many customers, it saves them a lot of time. 

  • Smart Search. In B2B IT-Partner's new shop, the search function is significantly better. It's smarter, suggests products as you type and also shows the categories in which you can find your product.    

  • The Product Forms. Using the product form, more customer information and instructions can be provided per product. This simplifies, for example, the installation of a product or creates a better flow of information to the end user. 

Enabling highly requested customer-integrations

In addition to making new developments in their eCommerce solution, B2B IT-Partner provide their customers with custom integrations. When their customers want to integrate their own purchasing systems and create electronic order flows, Netset can make it happen. 

”We’ve noticed a growing request from our customers to be able to integrate their purchasing systems. Netset are always involved when we create those integrations, they help us from the initial dialog to setting everything up to fit the needs of our customers,” says Daniel. 

An integration like this enables B2B IT-Partner’s customers to place orders without actually visiting B2B IT-Partner’s web shop. B2B IT-Partner sends out a product catalogue to their customers' purchasing systems. Customers can then place orders directly from their own systems and B2B IT-Partner receives those orders automatically.  

”With Nettailer you get an excellent standardized platform, and the possibility to develop extensive features thanks to their competent developers. It’s very important for us to be able to tailor make our own functions and features to stand out from our competitors. We’ve established a lot of features together with Netset that make our shop look better and work more efficiently. It’s something that makes us unique.” 

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Close collaboration with Netset’s development team

An urge to expand and develop is always encouraged by Netset but sometimes, there’s already features in place that serve the function B2B IT-Partner is looking for. Netset’s development team also helps B2B IT-Partner with finding and utilizing these existing features. 

”There’s a lot of features in Nettailer that we aren’t 100% familiar with that Netset helps us understand.” 

B2B IT-Partner always try to customize their pricing, shop and products towards certain customers or customer segments. Something that is readily available and easily implemented through Nettailer and Netset’s development team. 

”We collaborate really well with Netset, we can tell that they’re also invested in our growth and expansion. The partnership is very valuable to us. We’ve received a dedicated team that help us make the integrations, implementations and developments we want.” 

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The number one tip B2B IT-Partner would give a similar company

When asked if they would recommend Netset, the answer was a sounding ”Yes!”. 

”If I was going to give advice to a similar company who wanted to become successful in this business it would be a given to recommend Netset. They’re incredible skillful and Nettailer works perfectly for the IT- & telecom industry.” 

An advice that can be applied to businesses working with competitors of Netset as well.